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Logo for Tarence Farrell, the CEO of Levite Music Group

Music Producer, Drummer,
Husband, Father, Child of GOD.

Unlock your musical potential with Tarence Farrell, the visionary leader behind Levite Music Group and the Words 4 Life podcast. As a great listener and excellent communicator Tarence’s expertise as a producer goes beyond his musical abilities. His collaborative approach to music production, combined with his extensive understanding of rhythm, allows him to effectively bring out the intent of the song. Experience the difference of having your next song produced by Tarence Farrell.

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Credits Include



Bev Undefeated.jpeg

Beverly Song Burton

Singer / Songwriter

I went into the Levite room to do some final recording before my video shoot...

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M. Roger Holland II

Teaching Assistant Professor

Tarence is a professional.  When you, yourself, are engaging in professional circles...

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Jenise La Vonne

CEO of The Gospel Underground

Working with Tarence is a breath of fresh air.  I came into the studio...

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