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Updated: Mar 25

As human beings, our identity plays a fundamental role in shaping our perception of ourselves and the world around us. It defines how we think, act, and relate to others. For many of us, discovering our true identity and fully embracing it can be a transformative experience that changes the course of our lives.

From an early age I was told, since Jesus died on the cross, I have been adopted by GOD. However, that reality was lost on me. I didn't feel the need to delve deeper into the reality of being adopted by GOD. It was, what it was, and I became cool with the life I was living. But something shifts when you reflect and meditate on this fact. I can't tell you what triggered my reflective moment but it has changed my life.

This revelation brings to light the immense privilege and responsibilities that comes with being part of God's family. My perspective and what I believe is possible expanded in a big way.

To view God as your father means everything becomes possible. You recognized that if an earthly parent knows how to give good gifts to their children, then my heavenly Father, who controls everything and made everything, could lavish even more upon me if He wanted too. In Matthew 7:7-11, it actually encourages us as believers to ask and receive from God.

As I continued to contemplate the implications of being a child of God, I had to recognized the need for discernment and wisdom in my requests to Him. Just as my earthly parents had not always granted my every desire, I'm also beginning to understand that as my heavenly Father will grant my requests according to His good and perfect will for my life. This realization helped me mature beyond my initial perception of "the perfect parent" and helped me embrace the divine wisdom behind God's choices.

This adoption into God's family also brought about a profound sense of responsibility. I understand now that we're not only called to learn the lessons God wants to teach but also to share these lessons with others. I'm also recognizing more and more the importance of loving my fellow brothers and sisters – those who have also been adopted by God. This responsibility highlights the importance of cultivating a growing relationship with God, my Dad, so I can fulfill these duties effectively.

In conclusion, understanding and embracing our identity as children of God can be a life altering experience. It opens up limitless possibilities and transforms our perspective on ourselves, others, and the world as a whole. Adoption into God's family goes beyond personal identity; it extends to all who choose to accept it. We are empowered to ask, seek, and receive from our heavenly Father while also fulfilling our responsibilities as His children. Today, let us embrace our identity as children of God, knowing that it has the power to reshape our lives and the lives of those around us.

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