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Are You Wounded?

Updated: Mar 25

Our spirit is meant to be filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This is what the Bible tells us in Galatians 5. However, there are times in our lives when we encounter individuals who inflict deep wounds upon us, causing our spirit to become lacking in these qualities. As a result, our whole being suffers the consequences.

When our spirit is weakened, our ability to discern and make sound decisions becomes impaired. The design of our existence is such that God has given us a spirit that is meant to be controlled by His spirit, dwelling within us. In turn, our spirit should guide our minds and, in doing so, constrain our bodies.

However, as we journey through life, there are people and circumstances that wound our spirit. When this happens, our minds, wired for survival, try to create rules and interpretations to make sense of the pain. Our minds are constantly seeking to understand why things happened the way they did, in order to protect us from similar harm in the future.

These interpretations and rules formed by the mind are based on the wounds experienced by the spirit. For example, if someone fails to show up to love or care for us, our mind may create a rule that says we must always fend for ourselves and never trust anyone else. Similarly, if our spirit regularly encounters harshness, criticism, and conflict, our mind might generate rules suggesting we need to be more aggressive or manipulative, or even withdraw from relationships entirely.

The mind may create one rule or several rules, often without us consciously remembering the specific experiences that led to their formation. These rules become so ingrained within us that we start to believe they are universal for everyone. It is only when we enter into deeper relationships with others that we realize our perspectives and behaviors are not shared by everyone. This realization serves as a sign that we may need to seek assistance in the form of therapy, prayer, and/or counseling.

The wounded spirit and the resulting rules formed by the mind lead to a sense of lack within us. We find ourselves devoid of joy, peace, and love. Desperate to fill this void, we turn to our bodies. The body becomes the vessel through which we seek temporary relief. We may indulge in substances like alcohol, drugs, or addictive behaviors such as excessive work or sexual encounters to numb the pain and experience a fleeting sense of release.

The danger lies in the fact that, over time, the body starts to control the mind, and the mind controls the spirit. This reversal of the divine order disrupts the intended harmony of our being. According to the teachings of resurrection theology found in 1 Corinthians 15, when we reach heaven, our bodies will be transformed and renewed. Our current bodies, susceptible to earthly cravings and desires, cannot accompany us to the heavenly realm. They can only be constrained, not fundamentally changed.

This is why, even after promising ourselves never to engage in harmful behavior again, we often find ourselves succumbing to temptation once more. The body, unconverted, seeks out the familiar patterns it has grown accustomed to. Our journey with spirituality can feel stagnant because our bodies remain unchanged. Our bodies have no place in heaven, and therefore do not care where they take our minds and spirits.

The good news is that God offers us a solution. He invites us to allow His spirit to dwell within us. When His spirit resides in our spirits, a transformative process takes place. No matter how far we believe we have strayed, the spirit of God can find us, locate us, and offer us transformation. Just as the spirit of God fell upon Samson time after time, even in his darkest moments, God's spirit can come upon us and empower us to change.

As we surrender to the spirit of God, we can experience the greater love, spiritual growth, and fulfillment we long for in our lives. The love of God can constrain us and lead us towards a path of healing and transformation. It is through this surrender that we find true restoration and alignment with the divine order God intended for us.

Remember, therapy is not exclusive to "crazy" people but is beneficial for anyone seeking to live a more fulfilling life. Seek assistance when needed, whether through therapy, prayer, counseling, or engaging in spiritual practices that promote growth and self-reflection. By nurturing our spirits and aligning ourselves with God's spirit, we can overcome the wounds that have held us back and embrace a life of greater love, joy, peace, and self-control.

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