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Updated: Mar 25

When God says, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee" or "Call unto me, and I will deliver thee," we must believe without wavering. To doubt is to question God's character and goodness. We must give God the opportunity to showcase His power and glory in our lives. He delights in demonstrating His miraculous works to the world.

Our lives are like stages for God to display His power and bring glory to His name. We do not have to be the actors on this stage; we simply need to provide the platform and witness His magnificent works. When we obey God's commands, such as observing the Sabbath or following His health laws, we create opportunities for Him to reveal His transformative power.

If we are faithful in our obedience, God may choose to perform miracles in our lives. We must be open and ask Him for what we need, knowing that He has the power to bring about transformation. Sometimes, the miracle we seek may not happen instantly; it may unfold over time. Just as a lady on one side is instantly healed while a man on the other side is healed progressively over ten months, miracles can happen in different ways and at different speeds.

While we may desire immediate healing, we must remember that spiritual healing is of utmost importance. God desires our spiritual well-being above all else. Sometimes, the process of healing takes time to teach us valuable lessons and strengthen our faith. We must be patient and trust in God's timing.

Has there been something you have been struggling with for a long time? It's time to seek God's miracle. Ask Him for immediate relief, but also be willing to cooperate with Him in the process. God may choose to guide you to make changes in your life. He may prompt you to take certain actions or adopt new habits.

For example, if you are facing kidney problems and praying for healing, God may direct you to drink more water. Miracles do not have to be instantaneous; they can occur over time as we align ourselves with God's will and follow His guidance.

In Psalm 119:133, the psalmist prays, "Order my steps in Thy word." This prayer is an acknowledgment of the importance of living an obedient life. When we align our lives with God's Word and commit to obedience, we position ourselves to witness His miraculous works. In that state of obedience, we invite Him to work in our lives and bring about healing, both physically and spiritually.

In conclusion, we must recognize that God works in His own time and way. He has the power to bring about immediate healing, but He also operates in the realm of time-dependent miracles. We must trust in His character, seek His guidance, and be obedient to His Word. Miracles can occur instantaneously or unfold over time, but the primary focus should always be on our spiritual well-being. As we surrender to God's plan and timing, we position ourselves to experience His miraculous power and bring glory to His name.

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