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Stay Connected To Your Stregnth

Updated: Mar 25

In our journey of faith, we often seek guidance on how to follow God wholeheartedly and live out the commandments to love both God and our neighbors as ourselves. We long for a secret formula, a foolproof way to navigate this complex world with grace and purpose. While there are no shortcuts or magical techniques, there is one powerful practice that can transform our lives and align us with God's will; Prayer.

When asked about the secret to following God and loving others, the answer is surprisingly simple yet profound: be like Jesus. Jesus, our Savior, relentlessly sought solace and connection with God through prayer. Despite the countless demands on His time and the pressures of His ministry, He consistently made time to withdraw from the noise and chaos of the world to commune with the Father.

Imagine Jesus walking amidst the crowds, healing the sick, casting out demons, and performing miracles. Everywhere He went, people clamored for His attention and offered schemes for personal gain. They wanted Him to establish an earthly kingdom and succumb to worldly temptations. Amidst the chaos, Jesus chose to go away and pray, grounding Himself in His divine purpose.

Why did Jesus put such emphasis on prayer? He understood that to fulfill His assignment, to remain connected to the source of His power and strength, and to resist the allure of worldly distractions, He needed a deep and intimate relationship with God. Prayer was His lifeline, the bridge that connected Him to the source of all wisdom, guidance, and grace.

Jesus not only demonstrated the importance of prayer through His own life but also invited His disciples to accompany Him in this practice. In Luke 9, He asks His disciples, "Who do you think I am?" He wanted them to understand that He came to bring reconciliation to the brokenness of humanity caused by sin. Prayer was not optional but necessary for embracing and internalizing the truth of His mission.

There were times when even His closest disciples struggled to fully grasp the magnitude of Jesus' purpose. They were swayed by the opinions of others, repeating what they heard people saying around them. Jesus aimed to elevate their understanding, deepen their conviction, and equip them for the challenging journey ahead through these intimate prayerful moments.

Like Jesus, we are called to bring reconciliation to a broken world. The gospel message speaks of God's plan to redeem humanity and restore our relationship with Him. It is a message of love and sacrificial grace. We, too, must recognize that we cannot earn this love or deserve it. It is freely given to us, a gift from a loving God. When we embrace this truth and accept Jesus into our lives, it becomes the best decision we could ever make.

As believers, our love for and commitment to Jesus should be the driving force behind our actions and decisions. It is this love that empowers us to make better choices, despite the messiness and craziness of the world surrounding us. However, this is not simply a childhood faith, but a deep, personal relationship with Jesus that extends throughout our lives. It is in our personal time with Him, pouring out our hearts, listening for His voice, and seeking His will, that we are transformed into people who can truly love others.

The world we live in is characterized by chaos and messiness. People are broken, imperfect, and in need of love and acceptance. Jesus loved the world, messy people included, to the extent that He died for their redemption. As we wait for His second coming, our assignment remains the same: to love God and love people.

While we anticipate a future where the messiness of humanity's choices is eradicated, and God's sovereignty is universally upheld, we must actively fulfill our calling in the present. Prayer becomes an essential tool in this journey, allowing us to draw close to God, receive His direction, and pour out His love onto others.

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